Stainless steel handrail systems are popular in a wide range of environments. Office buildings, commercial properties, and entertainment venues will usually have stainless steel handrails. Outdoor public spaces are also a place where these handrail systems can frequently be found. More recently, interior design for homes has adopted stainless steel handrail systems as a design feature that gives a modern and stylish feel.

Part of the reason stainless steel handrail systems are so popular is the versatility to be able to be used in any environment. For places with high footfall, stainless steel is perfect as it is easy to maintain and won’t need much looking after to keep it in great condition.

The non-corrosive property of stainless steel also means it can be used effectively outdoors in adverse weather, in marine environments, and in areas such as kitchens where chemicals may be used. With a range of finishes available for stainless steel handrail systems, the railings can be tailored to the design of the environment.

At Unity Metal, we design, manufacture, and supply a wide variety of handrail systems that can be used in any indoor or outdoor setting. The grades of stainless steel that we have available are capable of meeting the needs of environments in which corrosion could occur, ensuring that whatever stainless steel handrail system is installed will be robust and durable.

We understand that design is important and that customers will want unique handrail systems for their needs. This is why we have designed and manufactured a range of handrail systems that can be tailored using standard parts. Choosing a different shape, size, or stainless steel finish will give the handrail system a different look. Combine that with different handrail system fittings, and the design becomes unique.

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Stainless Steel Cable Handrail Systems

The stainless steel cable handrail system is one of the most popular handrail systems we supply. The high-strength cables come in 4mm and 6mm options and can be installed horizontally or vertically depending on the setting and the look that is being achieved. Cable handrail systems can incorporate round handrails, flat bar handrails, or any design that we can customize our machinery to produce, making the stainless steel handrail system truly unique.

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