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Unity Metal Professional Stainless Handrail Manufacturer

Unity Metal is a Chinese stainless steel handrail manufacturer that caters to North American railing components’ wholesalers and suppliers. We are dedicated to supplying high-quality solutions that will assist your customers in achieving their goals and personalizing their homes or commercial properties. Our team has around 70 highly skilled employees, and the average tenure of employees is over 6 years in the stainless steel handrail components industry. Together, our purpose is to provide you with high-quality, long-lasting stainless steel railing solutions.


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At Unity Metal, We Always Focus on What Our Customer Needs

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Why choose us

Why Choose Unity Metal for Your Stainless Steel Handrail Kits Supplier?

Quality Products

All products are manufactured to the highest standards. Our quality control department complete a full inspection of the products and have current ISO and CE certifications.

Competitive Price

By purchasing directly from us you are guaranteed to benefit from the lowest prices. Cutting out the middleman means you only pay factory prices.

Complete OEM Service

Our professional team includes a complete OEM service option. Our expert engineers are able to create a full 3D model drawing of your requirements.

Available Stock

We know it is frustrating to wait when you have placed an order. This is why we ensure that we have good levels of stock available for all of our standard products.

Quick Delivery

To allow you to fulfil your orders as quickly as possible, we make sure your products get to you fast and on the date that you expect it.

Excellent Customer Service

Our responsive team will be available to answer any queries you have over the phone or via email/messages.

Latest Projects

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unity Metal is a leading manufacturer in China, supplying a range of stainless steel and glass railing products all over the United States and helping clients create handrail systems that are stylish, stunning and safe.


We are proud to have worked with a large number of US clients, providing suitable solutions for all their needs.


The quality of our products makes us the first choice for many industries as we pride ourselves on only supplying the best in terms of product standards and have all the certifications required to show that our stainless steel is the best on the market as well as being safe, robust and durable.


We offer a number of grades of stainless steel too, ensuring that we can meet your needs no matter where your handrails are needed.


Our range of available products also sets Unity Metal apart from the crowd as we supply a variety of standard products as well as manufacturing customized railings to order, giving you the freedom to create a system that works for your exact needs without having to compromise.

We always want to ensure our customers are happy with their orders and the quality of each component and how we control it is vital to this.


The good news is that the quality of all our products is exceptional and we can guarantee satisfaction because our quality control department carry out rigorous inspections before we allow our orders to be dispatched.


We have ISO certification which demonstrate that we achieve high levels of quality management throughout our manufacturing process.


We are also CE certified to show that we conform with the high levels of health, safety and environmental protection standards expected within Europe.


We are incredibly proud to have supplied the stainless-steel handrails for the Zhanjiang Wuchuan Airport, an honor that helped us to demonstrate just how safe our products are and show off the high-quality solutions that we were able to produce.

Unity Metal is a business-to-business manufacturer based in China and working with companies from across the globe, including the United States.


We have many years of designing, manufacturing and supplying stainless steel and glass railing products at competitive prices to a variety of industries and work hard to ensure that every order is delivered on time and to the best possible standards.


Stainless steel and glass railings are popular across all industries as these types of railing systems can be found in residential, commercial and industrial properties.


What’s more, stainless steel is one of the most durable products on the market, helping industries create solutions that will last for decades to come.


We have expertise in manufacturing and supplying products that can be utilized in each of the areas mentioned above and are committed to understanding each client’s specific needs so that you are left impressed by the final results.


We are happy to supply our high-quality products to any industry and will ensure that your orders are fulfilled quickly and shipped to you without delay.

At Unity Metal, our mission to build the most successful metal supply solution for industries across the globe, enabling them to achieve quality without compromise.

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Our Partners

The Partners We Work With

As a leading manufacturer in the industry, we have partnered with a range of different companies to make our manufacturing processes more efficient and improve the quality and reliability of our products.


Our partnerships with companies specializing in innovative technology, electronics, automation technology and robotics mean that we can be confident in guaranteeing your satisfaction whenever you place an order.

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Best Services

Professional Stainless Handrail Manufacturer

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Free Sample Available

At Unity Metal we are experts in manufacturing and supplying a range of stainless steel and glass railings to meet a range of requirements.


We are so confident that our products will exceed your expectations, we offer a free sample so that you can try before you buy.

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Customized Size

Standard products don’t suit all situations. This is why we offer a customized sizes when it comes to railings so that your requirements can be met, regardless of measurements and location.


Our expert team are available to help design and choose the best solution for you.

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Railing Solutions

Our complete railing kits are the perfect solution for customers who want the flexibility of installing their own stainless-steel rails.


Every order comes complete with comprehensive instructions to ensure the railings are installed safely and accurately.