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About Unity Metal

Founded in 2016, Unity Metal Industry Limited is a leading Shower Door Enclosure and Glass Railing components designer, OEM, and supplier based in Foshan, China. We have a professional engineering team to provide you with a 3D mode drawing according to your demand, as well as trend-setting stainless steel handrail system solutions.


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Unity Metal’s Mission​

Unity Metal is a Chinese shower door enclosure and glass railing components manufacturer that caters to North American shower door enclosure and glass railing’ wholesalers and suppliers. We are dedicated to supplying high-quality solutions that will assist your customers in achieving their goals and personalizing their homes or commercial properties. Our team has around 70 highly skilled employees, and the average tenure of employees is over 8 years in the shower door enclosure and glass railing industry. Together, our purpose is to provide you with high-quality, long-lasting shower door enclosure and glass railing solutions.

Unity Metal’s mission is founded on the fundamental values of customer service, innovation, and entrepreneurship. As a result, our stainless steel handrail products, services, and ethics are complemented by a workforce of highly skilled industry professionals that successfully blend technological proficiency, product understanding, and business ideologies.


Our long experience at the top of manufacturing excellent and affordable stainless steel railing components in China guarantees we have the knowledge and competence to address any railing problem your customers may have. And, because we are aware that times and trends change, we are continually on the lookout for the best and most practical ideas available.


If you deal with custom-made stainless steel and glass railing systems for projects with non-standard dimensions, you may have your railing system custom-made. You just have to tell us your preferred model, along with the grade of stainless steel, size, finish, and color. Our sales team will answer you quickly once we get your message. 


Furthermore, our extensive understanding of regional building codes and regulations ensures that your customers will have no problems with the local authorities about their installations. We take pride in having strong moral and ethical standards and constantly prioritize our partners. Discuss your railing business ambitions with us. We’ll offer professional suggestions to ensure your clients and you can benefit from quality stainless steel railing components at affordable prices.

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What About Our Pre-sales Service?

At Unity Metal, we believe you ought to have complete information on a product before making a purchase decision. As a result, we have a fully functional pre-sales team to walk you through our products and offer the following services. 

Our Goal

Unity Metal’s goal is to provide innovative and reliable shower door enclosures and glass railings to all our customers. We believe in our products and aim to extend our reach and brand recognition beyond the present boundaries. What sets us apart is that we let our products and services do the talking. 

Unity Metal guarantees contentment, even for the most demanding consumers, thanks to our devotion to aesthetics as well as a comprehensive assortment of materials and finishes. Our engineers and artisans collaborate closely to create, design, produce, and deliver the best quality product. With us, you’ll get the best professional services and fast production and delivery, all at affordable pricing. 

The future of the shower door enclosure and glass railing industry is bright. Let’s join hands, deliver quality and excellence, and win more markets together. 

Innovation & Reliability

When it comes to shower door enclosure and glass railing systems, quality, reliability, and safety are the three things we focus on before anything else. Ever since 2016, we’ve made a name and built a reputation in the Asian market as a leading provider of innovative and durable shower door enclosure and glass railing products. 

Our Foshan factory produces all our shower door enclosures and glass railings to very high manufacturing standards. Whether you deal in custom-made or standard shower door enclosures and glass railing, we’ve got what you need. 

We are a company built on a solid, innovative background to deliver where other systems proved insufficient and unreliable. To spice things up, we offer excellent 3D mode drawing for your OEM product according to your sketch. Furthermore, we’re never in a hurry and will take time to study what you need and offer the best, innovative, and reliable shower door enclosure and glass railing solutions.

Dedication & Enthusiasm

Unity Metal has a team of professionals you can trust. Over 6 years, we’ve assembled a team of highly skilled and licensed professionals who love and are proud of their work. Our customer-oriented approach to manufacturing shower door enclosures and glass railing means you are getting a quality product from the right people and at the right price. 

We are enthusiastic about modern shower door enclosure and glass railing trends and are always on the lookout for the best solutions and ideas out here. Consequently, we work towards improving existing shower door enclosures and glass railings while simultaneously developing better, safer, and more durable ones. Whatever shower door enclosure and glass railing problem you may have, be assured that we have a solution for you. Visit our factory and experience our production processes intuitively.  

Quality & Certification

Unity Metal is an ISO 9001-certified company that not only takes pride in offering high-quality goods and services, but also appreciates the importance of product certification and recertification.

Our concept is to include quality into all elements of our shower door enclosure and glass railing, from the initial design all the way to the finished product. All of our railing component products are 100% inspected during mass production, and we will provide the inspection report to you before the delivery. We also have a strong commitment and dedication to our customers to help them achieve their goals.

Additionally, we are committed to decreasing our environmental impact, from product manufacturing, packaging, supply, and even waste management. As a result, our dedication to quality is evident in our ISO 9001 Quality and Conformitè Européenne (CE) certifications.


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