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Glass Railing

Unity Metal, a leading Glass Railing Manufacturer, offers high-quality glass railings that are a top choice for diverse settings. These railings are ideal for both interior and exterior home applications, as well as workspaces, offices, commercial structures, and entertainment venues. The adaptability of Unity Metal’s glass railings, combined with multiple installation options, ensures they fit seamlessly into any environment.

Prioritizing safety and durability, Unity Metal, as a trusted Glass Railing Manufacturer, utilizes only the finest materials. With a selection of six distinct glass railing types, customers can customize the final look to harmonize with their surroundings.

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Type of Glass railings

Framed Glass Railing

At Unity Metal we provide a range of framed glass railing options to ensure the products are customized to meet the needs of the end user. The framed glass railing option is comprised of stainless-steel posts and glass panels. The materials that we use are 304, 316L, and 2205 duplex stainless steel to ensure that all railings meet high-quality standards. Round handrails can have a diameter of 38mm, 42.4mm or 50.8mm and square handrails can be 40x40mm or 50x50mm.

The posts can also be round or square will the same size options as the handrails. Posts are also customizable in height with a choice of 38” or 42”. These posts can be supplied in satin, mirror, or a matte black finish depending on the design of the surroundings.

The glass panels can be supplied in any thickness ranging from 6-12mm and can also be customized depending on taste. Tempered clear glass, laminated glass, frosted glass, super clear glass, ice cracked glass, and tinted glass is all available, and the clamping design of the railings ensures there is no need for drilling into the glass panels.

Frameless Glass Railing

Frameless glass railings are perfect for environments where the railings don’t want to be a focal point or where the view shouldn’t be uninterrupted by frames or posts. The glass panels are fitted into aluminum base shoes with two types of rubber inlays for a snug fit. The transparent glass balustrades are used to ensure a clear view throughout and can be any thickness you desire from around 9.5mm to 17.5mm. This type of installation is convenient to fit and provides high protection with the use of tempered glass. The design means that no drilling into the glass is needed. Therefore, the glass maintains its strength and durability. The glass can also be customized to suit the surroundings, with a range of colors available to choose from.

Standoff Glass Railing

Standoff glass railings are great for interiors as they are of a low height and do not require any extensive installation. The standoff glass railings are self-supporting with miniature posts and can be fixed on one side of the railing. The standoff can be round or square with a choice of 38mm, 42.4mm or 50.8mm diameter for round and 40x40mm or 50x50mm for square standoffs.    


This type of railing requires drilling holes into the glass on one side of the railing and adding expansion screws that pass through the glass and into the standoff base. This is a simple installation that can be achieved with an electric drill, and once tightened, the railings will be secure. Whilst standoff glass railings are often used indoors, they can also be used outdoors for balconies or steps if the location allows for the required installation.

Dadoed Glass Railing

A dadoed glass railing inserts a panel of glass between the top and bottom of the railing. This gives an aesthetically pleasing look without creating an overly modern feel. The glass panels can be customized to suit the existing surroundings and can be supplied in a range of thicknesses. An aluminum base provides a secure foundation for the railings, and a stainless-steel top rail tube ensures the glass remains in place. Depending on individual preference, the top rail tube can be supplied as a rounded or square finish.

Clamped Glass Railing

Clamped glass railings are a popular choice for swimming pools, but they are also utilized in a variety of other areas, such as garden sections, balconies, and stairs. These types of railings are available using 304, 316L, and 2205 stainless steel, making them durable, reliable, and corrosion resistant.

The upper part of the clamp block provides a U-shaped groove tube that the glass slots into. The TIG welded tube is available in a round design with a choice of 25.4mm, 42.4mm or 48.3mm in diameter, a rectangle design (25x21mm) or a 40x40mm square. The thickness is available from 1.2mm to 1.5mm and a choice of 5.8m or 6m in length. The tubes can be supplied in a satin, mirror or matte black finish.

A base clamp is also installed, and all clamps are tightened using screws to give maximum security.

Glass Railing Features

Sense of space

Glass railings create a feeling of space and freedom. Clear glass allows for an environment to feel more open and less confined. Great for small spaces or areas that require an open plan feel.

Weather resistance

Glass railings don't just look great, they also provide protection from the elements. Tempered glass is more than capable of providing a barrier against strong winds, rain, and hail whilst not impacting a view.


Unity Metal only supplies glass railings that use tempered glass. This ensures the safety of everyone as if the railing managed to be broken, the glass will not shatter, causing a hazard.

Low maintenance cost

Glass is very easy to maintain as it doesn't require any ongoing treatment to keep it looking great. Just clean the glass with warm soapy water, and the railings will look fantastic for a long time.


Tempered glass is extremely durable, and when combined with stainless steel for options that include posts, top rails, or clamps, the outcome is a railing that is resistant to corrosion, shattering, or cracking.


Clear glass isn't the only option available. For those who want a modern style but don't want to give up on privacy, opaque glass can be used. Sandblasted or frosted glass are options, as well as colored glass that can restrict the view through the railings.

Glass Railing Ideas

Glass Railing Applications

Glass railings are a popular choice in a range of different environments. The versatility of the railings and the ability to customize both the glass and, where applicable, the frames allow for a design to be tailored to individual needs.

Installing glass railings at home, within a company office, entertainment venue, or commercial building is simple and can have a really beneficial impact on the feel of the environment. Unity Metal supplies high quality glass railings with a clamping design to ensure safety and high quality without the need for drilling into glass. A perfect solution for any building that requires railings.


Stainless steel railings can add a modern feel to your home. Coupled with glass panels or cable-style railings allows them to be minimalistic without compromising on quality.


Office buildings need to comply with safety regulations, and our high-quality stainless steel railings will keep staff safe and meet all necessary requirements.


Queueing is not something people like to do, but if you have an entertainment venue, why not install stainless steel railings to keep customers moving in the right direction?

Commercial Buildings

Stainless steel is the first choice for railings in commercial buildings. The durability and low maintenance of our stainless steel railings are perfect for heavy-use areas.

Glass Railing FAQ


1. What is a Glass Railing?

A glass railing is a barrier that can be used for balconies, staircases, and many other purposes. There is a wide range of different types of glass railings, including framed, frameless, standoff, dadoed, and clamped. Choosing the right glass railing for your project will depend on a wide variety of factors, and it is always wise to seek professional advice and support before buying new railings. At Unity Metal, we take pride in offering the very best advice and service to our clients and can offer you up-to-date information on the right glass railings for your needs. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your needs.


2. Are Glass Railings Expensive?

Not always! The price of your glass railings will depend on the type you choose and the coverage you need, but there are options that look great and are still very affordable. Ultimately, you will need to think about the construction needs and the overall appearance you are trying to create before you look at pricing. At Unity Metal, we make it our mission to offer a wide range of options that suit all budgets and all tastes. Speak to us to get up-to-date pricing and bespoke quotes so that you know exactly how much your glass railing project will cost – we are confident you will be pleased!


3. Are Glass Handrail Safe?

There is no doubt that glass handrails look incredible when installed, but they may leave you wondering whether they are the safest option for your property. The good news is that they are probably far safer than you give them credit for! At Unity Metal, our glass handrails are made from tempered glass that is designed to offer strong support even when met with impact or force. The other great thing about tempered glass is that it also shatters safely, leaving no sharp pieces that can cause serious injury.


It’s also important to note that glass lasts longer than other railing materials, and as they are smooth, it cannot be climbed by animals or small children, unlike materials such as wood. However, before you buy your glass railings, make sure you choose a supplier that offers the best safety features, such as the products on offer at Unity Metal, that way, you can enjoy your new purchase without worrying. If you’d like to talk about how to ensure the best safety results from your glass railings, then get in touch with the Unity Metal team – we’d be happy to help!


4. How Can I Find a Reputable Glass Railing Manufacturer?

When you decide to buy glass railings, it is vital that you find a reputable supplier like Unity Metal so that you can be certain that the product you are investing in will offer the best safety and longevity. However, knowing what to look for in a supplier can be confusing. To help, take a look at some of the tips below:

  • Ensure They Are Glass Specialists– it’s important that your supplier offers glass products as part of their usual business so that you can be certain that they have the experience needed.
  • Look for Safety Features– next, you will need to check whether the glass railings you are looking to buy have the required safety classifications.
  • Discuss Personalization– another important way to check whether a glass railing specialist is reputable or not is to find out whether they offer a personalized service that can produce bespoke railings to suit your requirements. Failing to offer this could mean that they are just sourcing and shipping railings rather than being an industry expert.
  • Check Licensing– finally, check whether the company has any required licenses for the area they work in so that you can be certain there is a clear route for redress if anything should go wrong.


5. What Are Some Things to Look For When Choosing a Glass Railing Manufacturer?

When it comes to choosing a glass railing manufacturer, you will find that there are many companies that claim to offer the service you need but knowing what to look for can be confusing. Take a look at some of the things you can look for when you are choosing your glass manufacturer:

  • Think About Building Regulations– one of the first things to look for in your manufacturer is whether they are able to provide glass railings that adhere to your local building codes so that you don’t have a system installed that may need to be removed when checked at a later date.
  • Think About Safety– another important aspect to check on is the safety features that the supplier has to offer, ensuring that, at the very least, you get a tempered glass that crumbles when broken rather than leaving dangerous shards that may harm people.
  • Think About Experience– finally, when you find a supplier that you think you want to use, take a look at the experience they have and the types of projects they have previously completed. At Unity Metal, we have years of industry experience that have helped us to hone and perfect our service, making it easier for our clients to get what they need without any issues arising.


6. What Are the Benefits of Working With a Glass Railing Manufacturer?

Many people are tempted to order their glass railings from a third party as they believe it will save them money, but this is not always the case. In reality, if you do this, you will need to then source your own installation service, and this can be difficult to do unless you know someone who is a glass railing expert.

Choosing a glass railing manufacturer like Unity Metal will not only ensure that you are getting the very best service but that you are getting the best product for your needs. Some of the other benefits you can enjoy when choosing a glass railing manufacturer include:

  • A range of products to choose from– with so many different glass railings available, it is useful to get insight from a glass railings expert who can advise you on each different type of railing available so that you can get the ideal solution for your needs.
  • Cutting-edge designs– another great reason for choosing a glass railing manufacturer is that you can access the latest designs and safety features as soon as they become available, giving you the cutting-edge products you need without having to wait.
  • Access to specialist installers– choosing a glass railing manufacturer also provides you with access to the installation teams that understand the product and know exactly how to install them without any issues. This will provide you with a quicker turnaround and a safer installation service.


7. How Does the Process Differ From the Other Types of Railings?

If you have decided that glass railings are the ideal solution for your property, you will need to understand the process that is involved when choosing, buying, and installing them. To help, we’ve shared five of the key steps that we take at Unity Metal to give you an idea of what the process involves:

  1. First, you will need to choose from the different types of glass railings that are on offer. You can pick from framed, frameless, standoff, dadoed, or clamped, and our team will be on hand to help you pick the right style for your specific needs.
  2. Next, you will need to check safety and building requirements in your area to ensure that the glass railings you have selected are right for your needs. If you are unsure of how to do this effectively, the Unity Metal team will be on hand to help you work through each requirement.
  3. You will also need to set a budget for your project as a whole and share it with your chosen company so that they can provide you with honest quotes for each option that you like. Doing this upfront will save a lot of issues further down the line and help you get what you want without breaking the bank.
  4. Once you have chosen the railings you want and agreed to a final price, you will then need to agree on an installation date so that your railings can be installed by an expert team – this is often the most exciting part of the process for buyers!
  5. Finally, when the installation has been completed, you will need to think about ongoing maintenance to keep your railings in good condition and to ensure that they are working as safely as they possibly can. If you need help arranging maintenance or want ongoing advice then choosing Unity Metal will give you access to a team of individuals who are always there for you.


8. What Are the Benefits of Glass Railings?

Choosing glass railings is a great choice and not just because of the style and aesthetic that it provides when you get them installed! Glass railings also last much longer, are easier to maintain, and often provide greater levels of safety for the people using them. At Unity Metal, we take pride in offering the very best service and products to each of our clients so that they end up with a fashionable, safe and secure home that they can enjoy – get in touch with us if you’d like more information on how we can make your glass railing dream a reality too!


9. Why Are Glass Railings Becoming More Popular?

Glass railings have become an incredibly popular choice for property owners over the past few years mainly because they offer a modern look and a clean finish that draws in light. At Unity Metal, we love helping our clients to create an impactful and safe design that helps create a sense of space and leaves visitors envious of what has been created. If you are keen to discover just how much glass railings can change your interior or exterior design, then we are on hand and ready to help – just get in touch or check out our website for more information!


10. What Are the Maintenance Requirements for Glass Railings?

There’s no denying that glass railings are great when you want a long-lasting and stylish solution for your property, but what maintenance requirements should you be considering before agreeing to go ahead with a Unity Metal glass railing installation? The main one is keeping the glass clean and sparkling so that you can enjoy a chic and sleek design. In addition, you will also need to keep an eye on the fixings and arrange maintenance visits if anything should come loose or stop working effectively. Aside from this, there are no other requirements such as painting, staining, or sanding as there are with wooden railings, making them a great choice for people with busy lives.