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Glass Handrail Kits

At Unity Metal we have been supplying glass handrail kits for many years and have a reputation for only providing the best quality. Glass handrail kits have been increasing in popularity due to their modern aesthetic and versatility. Glass panels combined with stainless steel handrails and fittings provide a perfect railing solution for interiors as well as external locations.

The durability and non-corrosive features of stainless steel, and the safety and low maintenance of tempered glass make the handrail kits that we supply at Unity Metal, able to withstand high frequency use and even the worst weather conditions. Each kit is easy to install and comes complete with comprehensive instructions.

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What we offer

Glass Handrail Hardware

The glass handrails that are available at Unity Metal are capable of being tailored to your individual needs. This is because we understand that not everyone wants to have the same look when it comes to installing glass handrails and so we offer a wide range of glass handrail hardware.

Every part of the glass handrail system can be changed to suit the location that the handrail system will be installed, the environment and the look that you want to achieve. The glass panels can be clear, frosted, or even colored and when it comes to the stainless steel fittings, we have even more variety to choose from.


The grade of stainless steel will depend on where you are locating the railings, with higher grades being more resistant to corrosion and therefore suitable for outdoors, or in marine or kitchen environments.

Stainless steel spigots

Glass Railing Standoffs

Glass railing standoffs are one of the smallest fittings in a glass railing system, but they have the potential to influence the overall style of the glass railings. Glass railing standoffs are a stylish way of introducing a safety barrier into a glass railing system that ensure the railings are compliant with safety standards.


In most railing systems that use railing standoffs, these fittings will be on full show and so choosing the right ones should not be rushed. At Unity Metal we have a range to choose from and have a solution for every glass railing system. From smaller standoffs that create a minimal look, to larger, more prominent standoffs that create an impact, we have whatever you need.

Glass Railing Top Cap

The finishing touch to any handrail system is the top cap and choosing the right one will certainly make your railing system have the impact you desire. When combined with glass panels, the top cap can really help to highlight the quality of the railing system.


At Unity Metal we can supply glass railing top caps individually to a full railing system. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to change the top caps of an existing glass railing system. Whether you want to change the finish, the shape or just renew what is already there, we can help you to choose the top caps that are right for you.

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Glass Adapters

Glass Adapters

If you are looking to install a glass railing system in a location where it cannot be mounted onto base plates, then you will need to choose glass adapters for the installation. At Unity Metal we are experts at all types of glass railing system installation and have a range of glass adapters available for you to choose from.


The glass adapters are made from high quality stainless steel and with only two adapters needed for every 1.5m of glass panel, they are cost effective and simple to install. Glass adapters are perfect for mounting glass railings directly onto vertical surfaces, making them extremely versatile and capable of being used in various settings.

Glass Connectors

Finding the right glass connectors for your glass railing system is easy when you choose to buy from Unity Metal. As experts who have been supplying glass railing systems for many years, we have a full range of glass connectors to choose from. The connectors and hinges we offer are made from high-quality stainless steel that is both durable and stylish.


With a range that includes various sizes and shapes, we can help you to create the glass railing system that is perfect for your situation. The simple to install glass connectors can be used to connect glass panels of varying thicknesses. If you want to change the glass connectors in a current railing system, get in touch and we can advise you further.

Glass Connectors
Glass Railing Base Shoe

Glass Railing Base Shoe

The installation of a glass railing system is vital to ensure the railings are safe and secure. All products supplied by Unity Metal meet exceptionally high standards when it comes to quality and safety and having the right glass railing base shoe for your railing system is a must.


The base shoes that we have available can fit glass panels of varying sizes and can ensure that the glass railings are firmly fixed in place. Different shapes are available for different installation techniques and the finish of the stainless steel can be chosen to suit the railing system you want.

Glass Railing Shoe Molding

Glass railing show molding is a very common way to install a glass railing system. The shoe molding allows for a firm fixture of the glass into the shoe with grout, cement or silicone added to hold the glass panel in place. At Unity Metal we have a variety of glass railing shoes moldings that can be used within your railing system to ensure your glass rails are held firmly in place.

We supply stainless steel moldings that allow for a stylish design as well as a practical, secure finish. Our team of experts can help you to choose between surface mounted, flush mounted or attached directly to a fascia, depending on the location of the glass railing system and the level of wear and tear that is likely to be experienced.

Glass Railing Shoe Molding