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Stainless Steel Handrail Brackets

Handrail brackets are a vital part of many stainless steel handrail systems. They are also a part of the system that is often overlooked or underestimated. At Unity Metal, we understand that the handrail brackets are not just important from a practical point of view but are also important when it comes to the design are style of the railing system.


Choosing the right handrail brackets for your stainless steel railing system doesn’t need to be difficult when you choose to buy from Unity Metal. Our team of experts will support you in selecting the brackets that will provide the best support for the handrails you order so that you can be confident that the handrail system will sturdy, durable, and robust. All the stainless steel we use is of high quality, and you can choose the grade that suits the environment in which the handrail brackets will be installed.


At Unity Metal, we design and manufacture a full range of railing systems and handrails, and our expert engineers are constantly improving our manufacturing process so that we can deliver the most up-to date products. This means we are experts in producing stainless steel brackets that can be installed with any handrail or railing system you can imagine.


With a wide variety of stainless steel handrail brackets available, it is likely that you will find exactly what you need. For brackets that are standard in terms of size, shape, and other measurements, we will be able to deliver directly from our warehouse stock so that you receive the products quicker. If you want something customized, if your measurements aren’t standard, or if you need a unique design, our expert engineers will be able to design and manufacture brackets that are uniquely tailored to your project.


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What we offer

Glass Mount Handrail Brackets

Glass railing systems are very popular in a variety of locations and are often combined with a top rail or stainless steel u-channel. However, these are not the only options, as Unity Metal can supply glass mount handrail brackets. This gives the same freedom as any other railing system to select the handrail that is right for the environment. These brackets are simple to install and stylish in design.

Stainless Steel Handrail Supports
Handrail bracket HBMB4203

Wall Mount Handrail Brackets

If you need to attach a handrail to a wall then our range of wall mount stainless steel handrail brackets are the perfect solution. With a variety of shapes of sizes to choose from, we have a bracket that will fit any handrail, even if this means designing and producing something completely new. Installation into any type of wall if possible if you follow the comprehensive instructions that come as standard with every order.

Tube Mount Handrail Brackets

Different handrail systems require different types of handrail brackets and at Unity Metal we provide all kinds. The tube mount handrail bracket is perfect for situations where a tubular handrail requires fixing directly to a wall. Our high-quality stainless steel provides a secure and robust handrail bracket to ensure the railing stays firmly in place. The bracket encloses the tube, giving the most secure fitting available and can be tailored to meet your exact specifications.

Tube Mount
Stainless Steel fitting holder

Post Mount Handrail Brackets

We have a full range of post mount handrail brackets that we manufacture, meaning that we have something suitable for any type of handrail. Depending on the type of post you want to fix the bracket to, choose from handrail brackets that attached to curved or flat posts. We can also offer angled stainless steel post mount brackets and extendable brackets.

Stainless Steel Handrail Supports

At Unity Metal we are proud to offer a range of stainless steel handrail supports that suit any handrail system. For most handrail kits we can provide standard brackets using high-quality stainless steel that can have a polished, satin, brushed or mirror finish to suit the environment. Where our standard brackets will not fit perfectly, our expert engineers will happily design and manufacture custom made brackets to ensure the handrail system is as secure as possible.

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