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At Unity Metal, we have been designing, manufacturing, and supplying stainless steel handrails and full handrail kits for over six years. We have a team of expert engineers who utilize innovative technology to design new parts and improve existing products.

You can be confident that any of our stainless steel handrail kits or full railing systems will have been rigorously tested and quality checked by our quality control department. This allows us to provide a guarantee that our stainless steel handrail fitting will be safe, secure, and simple.

We ensure that the handrail systems we manufacture are simple to install, allowing the choice between professional installation and DIY. For every order we produce, we include a comprehensive set of instructions that ensures the handrails or railing systems can be installed in the intended way to maximize safety and longevity of use.

However, if anything is unclear, then our experts will be available to provide help and guidance. We want to make sure that every system we supply is used to its full potential, and that’s why our after-sales service is important to us.

Choosing the correct fitting parts is vital when installing a railing system or stainless steel handrail. The incorrect parts will mean the product will not be able to be installed and may delay the final product being able to be used. If you are in any doubt about what parts you need to be able to successfully fit the handrail or railing system, then do not hesitate to contact our team.

Alternatively, at Unity Metal, we like to make things easy and so if you select to purchase a stainless steel handrail kit of the full railing system, then the fittings will come as standard as part of the order.

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If you aren’t looking to install or replace an entire railing system, then purchasing the stainless steel handrail parts that you need is something our experts at Unity Metal can help with. Whether you know exactly what you need or you would like some guidance, our team is available to ensure what you order is fit for purpose.


As all of our handrail parts are made of high-quality stainless steel, you are guaranteed to be satisfied with whatever you buy.

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