The handrail that is selected as part of a stainless steel railing system is crucial in the design of the system. Selecting the wrong handrail can make a railing system feel out of place where it is installed or give the wrong impression of the environment. At Unity Metal, we understand the stainless steel handrail industry and have been providing expert advice and high-quality products for over six years.

Choosing between a round or square handrail tube can be based on the environment that it will be installed. A round tube gives a softer feel, while a square tube is angular and creates more of a modern or corporate style. Square tubes are also increasing in popularity within modern home interior design. For glass railing systems, the u-channel provides a simple and understated handrail that is easy to install and won’t damage the glass.

We always meet the expectations of our customers and supply high-quality handrail tubes that have been manufactured using the latest technology and inspected by our dedicated team of quality control officers.

For projects where a stainless steel railing system is already installed, and new handrails are all that is required, we can supply the handrails and the fittings to make installation easy. If an entirely stainless steel handrail system is required, then our team of experts can assist you in selecting the correct stainless steel handrail tubes for your needs as part of a full handrail system kits

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Stainless Steel Round Handrail Tubing

The stainless steel round handrail tubing that we have available at Unity Metal is a timeless classic when it comes to handrail systems. The popularity of the round handrail tube demonstrates its versatility and ability to be used in any setting. By selecting different end caps and stainless steel finish, the round handrail tubes can be tailored to your specific needs.

Stainless Steel Glass Armrest Fixation
Stainless Steel Square Handrail Tubing

Stainless Steel Square Handrail Tubing

At Unity metal, we like to make sure we keep up to date with changes in style, and for this reason, we have been the square handrail tubing for many years. The square tubing gives a more modern feel to the environment that the handrail system is installed in and is often found in office buildings, commercial properties, and modern homes.

Polished Stainless Steel Tubing

The finish of the stainless steel in any handrail system is an important consideration, and this can change the aesthetics dramatically. At Unity Metal, we can produce polished stainless steel tubing in either round or square options to add a bit of luxury or style to the railing system. The polished stainless steel can be found in a dull polish, a regular polish, and a mirror polish.

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Glass Railing Systems

Stainless Steel Tubular Handrail Kits

If you are looking for an entire handrail kit, then Unity Metal should definitely be your first choice. The round and square handrail tubes that we manufacture come in a range of sizes to choose from, and if you selected a handrail kit, you could be certain that all the fittings will be perfect for the handrails that you have selected. If you want simplicity, select a handrail kit.

Stainless Steel Groove Tube

At Unity Metal, we make sure that we have products available that meet the requirements of any stainless steel handrail system. Within our range of handrail tubes, we have standard stainless steel grove tubes available in a range of shapes, sizes, and designs, including single and double grooves. For handrail systems that don’t meet standard measurements, our expert engineers will design and manufacture custom-made stainless steel groove tubes.

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groove tube

U-Channel Cap Rails

U-channel cap rails are available at Unity Metal in a range of standard sizes and can be cut to whatever length your railing system needs. Our manufacturing process allows our engineers to produce u-channel cap rails that are accurate and precise and will fit your railing system perfectly. The u-channel is usually placed on top of a glass panel as part of the railing system, and to ensure ease of installation, no rubber fitting is required.

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