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Stainless Steel Railing

At Unity Metal, we have stainless steel railings available for a range of different uses, offering maximum protection with the use of robust material and high-quality manufacturing. Popular uses of stainless steel railings include within the home as part of a modern look, often combined with glass panels, within a commercial property or public area to ensure maximum safety, or within an office space to create a safe and practical work environment. There is no limit to where these railings can be installed, and at Unity Metal, we are experts in the field, only supplying the best quality at the best prices. Whatever you are looking for, we can help you find the perfect stainless steel railings to meet your requirements.

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Type of Stainless Steel Railing

Stainless Steel Cable Railings

The high-quality stainless steel cable railings from Unity Metal are perfect for a modern, minimal look. The thin cables made from high-grade stainless steel may look minimal, but their strength certainly is not! These cables offer excellent safety and protection and are great for stairways, balconies, decking, and many more places. Choose between horizontal or vertical cables depending on the look you want to achieve.

Stainless Steel Deck Railings

Stainless steel railings can be used in a variety of outdoor spaces. The durability of the metal and its non-corrosion properties make it perfect for standing firm against the elements. At Unity Metal, we only supply high-grade stainless steel that you can confident will not let you down. Stainless steel wire deck railing can add a luxurious element to your outdoor space that can achieved quickly with the simple DIY instructions.

Stainless Steel Stair Railings

If you want an elegant and contemporary look then stainless steel stair railings are perfect for your interior design project. These railing systems use stainless steel rods that can be installed vertically or horizontally and are perfect for a staircase. The installation of these railing systems in simple when purchased as a prefabricated railing kit, meaning that the cost of labour is saved but without compromising on quality.

Stainless Steel Porch Railings

Stainless steel railings are a practical and stylish addition to any porch. Not only do they provide a clear boundary to separate your property from the street, or your neighbours, they also provide a safety barrier to ensure accidents don’t happen. Various options are available and customising your porch railings will give your property the look you desire in a simple and easy to install way.

Stainless Steel and Glass Railings

Glass balcony railings are highly sought after, especially for people who don’t want to obscure a beautiful view by installing railings that aren’t transparent. To ensure a solid finish, we regularly provide stainless steel railings and posts to accompany glass panels. Complete with stainless steel clamps, these railing systems provide stability and longevity without compromising on safety or the view from the balcony.

Stainless Steel Railing Features

Durable & Long Lasting

Our stainless steel railings offer the perfect combination of durability to withstand the elements and high-quality installation to ensure the railings will last as long as you want them to. Stainless steel is a product with high longevity, so no matter where you place it in the home or in your business it is sure to last for decades.

Corrosion Resistant

If you need railings that will be resistant to corrosion, then our stainless steel railings are the perfect product for you. The high-grade stainless steel used in all of our railings is guaranteed to be protected from corrosion. This is especially good if the railings are placed outside or in an environment which is corrosive, such as by the sea.

Easy to Maintain

One of the best features of stainless steel railings is that they are easy to maintain. Whether they are installed inside or outdoors, it is simple to keep them in great condition with minimal effort and no need for regular upkeep. All it takes is a quick wipe with a soapy cloth and then dried with a towel and the railings stay bright and clean.

100% Recyclable

The long life span of stainless steel makes our railings great for the environment, and once they are no longer required, they are 100% recyclable. As an environmentally conscious business, we ensure our products are as eco-friendly as possible. If you decide to change your railings at some point in the future for a new look, rest assured they’re fully recyclable.

Adaptable to Surroundings

Stainless steel railings can be installed in a range of environments and can be designed to stand out as a form of barrier or blend into the background as a form of protection without being too noticeable. Whatever your need, any thickness or any style to suit your home, you can rest assured we have a type of railing that suits you and your home.

Stronger than Other Metals

You won’t find metal railings that are stronger than our stainless steel range. Cheaper alternatives might seem tempting, but if you want genuine, high-quality railings that offer maximum protection and will stay in place for years to come, you shouldn’t compromise. This is especially good if you are installing in a property with children and you want the utmost safety.

Stainless Steel Railing Ideas

Stainless Steel Railing Applications

The stainless steel railings supplied by Unity Metal have a range of different applications. Each area will have its own unique requirements so take a look at what we can offer and choose the right railings today, and don’t forget, we have a wide range so you just need to ask if you would like something in particular for your choice of railings.


Stainless steel railings can add a modern feel to your home. Coupled with glass panels or cable-style railings allows them to be minimalistic without compromising on quality.


Office buildings need to comply with safety regulations, and our high-quality stainless steel railings will keep staff safe and meet all necessary requirements.


Queueing is not something people like to do, but if you have an entertainment venue, why not install stainless steel railings to keep customers moving in the right direction?

Commercial Buildings

Stainless steel is the first choice for railings in commercial buildings. The durability and low maintenance of our stainless steel railings are perfect for heavy-use areas.

Stainless Steel Railing FAQ


1. What Is Stainless Steel Railing?

Stainless steel railings provide a safe barrier for internal and external property needs. They can be used for handrails and balustrades and can be designed to fit in with your specific design needs, providing your property with a modern design finish that is safe to use and attractive to look at. Finding the best stainless steel railing options has never been easier, especially when you choose Unity Metal. We are a stainless steel railing manufacturer and offer top-quality railings for great prices – take a look at our range today to find the right solution for your needs or get in touch with our team.


2. What Are the Benefits of Stainless Steel Railing?

Choosing a stainless steel railing solution is a great choice that comes with a wide range of benefits. At Unity Metal, our stainless steel railings offer the strength that you need to ensure that the end result is durable and safe. They are also affordable and eco-friendly, helping you to look after your bank balance as well as the environment. But the benefits don’t stop there! When you choose stainless steel railings, you are getting access to a stunning solution that looks great when it is installed as well as a product that can be designed to suit your specific requirements.


3. What Are the Most Popular Stainless Steel Railings?

Choosing stainless steel railings that work for you is not just a design decision; it is also dependent on the location where the railings will be installed and the usage requirements. There are four main types of stainless steel railings to choose from – 304 grade, 316 grade and duplex 2205 and duplex 2507. 304 and 316 grades are strong and rust resistant, as well as offering an attractive finish to both interior and exterior projects. Duplex 2205 and 2507 offer the same level of protection as the 304 and 316 grades, but come with a greater level of corrosion resistance and costs slightly more to buy. Choosing the right one for your needs doesn’t need to be confusing, as the Unity Metal team is on hand and ready to help you make your decision.


4. Which Stainless Steel Is Best for Railing?

Choosing the right stainless steel can be the difference between railings that last a lifetime and ones that need to be replaced after just a couple of seasons. 304 and 316 grade stainless steel railings are great for interiors and exteriors in temperate areas as they are corrosion and rust-resistant, easy to clean, and made from quality metal.  Duplex 2205 and 2507 are also great choices for areas that have harsh weather or when you need railings for a pool or near the sea, as it is tough and offers a higher level of corrosion resistance. At Unity Metal, we have a range of stainless steel options to choose from and can advise you on the best one to pick for your needs – just get in touch with our team to find out more.


5. Is Stainless Steel Railing Expensive?

Stainless steel railings are an economic choice as they will last a lifetime without needing to be replaced, helping you to save your cash for other things. However, you will need to cover the initial cost of the railings, and this can seem expensive as you are paying it out in one lump sum. If you are keen to get stainless steel railings but want to save as much money as possible, then it is wise to deal direct with a stainless steel railing manufacturer like Unity Metal. Doing this will cut out the middleman and save you money, as well as providing you with the best quality railings for your design project.


6. Do Stainless Steel Railings Rust?

Stainless steel railings are hard-wearing and resistant to both corrosion and rust, making them a great addition to any property’s interior or exterior. However, there are some occasions when stainless steel can rust, and these are typically because the wrong stainless steel has been used for the railings. Getting the best rust resistance means choosing 304-grade stainless steel for interiors and temperate climates and 316-grade stainless steel for areas that experience harsh weather or are located near a body of water, such as a pool or the ocean. If you take the time to find a manufacturer like Unity Metal, you can be certain that they will have the right type of stainless steel for your needs.


7. How Can I Maintain My Stainless Steel Railing?

If you are keen to choose stainless steel railings, then it is important to understand the maintenance requirements before you invest. The great news is that both all stainless railings that Unity Metal supply need minimal maintenance and will last for decades without any issues. To take care of the railings, simply wash them down with a mild detergent and buff them dry and then perform an annual check of each rail and fixings to make sure that everything is in good working order. Should there be any minor jobs that need doing, you can get these sorted by a stainless steel expert for a reasonable price, leaving you to enjoy your railings without worry.


8. What Is the Lifespan of a Stainless Steel Railing?

Many people want to know how long a stainless steel railing will last if they decide to invest, and the answer is simple – a lifetime! It’s true, if you invest in the best quality stainless steel railing, then you can expect it to last an entire lifetime as long as you take care of it and complete annual maintenance. The great thing about stainless steel is that it is corrosion resistant, meaning that all you will need to do is check it over each year and keep it clean and buffed in between. Should your railing ever need to be repaired, this can be done easily and won’t cost you lots either, giving you confidence that your initial investment is safe. Check out the range of stainless steel railings at Unity Metal to help you pick the best option for your needs.


9. What Grade of Stainless Steel Is Best for Outdoors?

Choosing the right grade of stainless steel depends on how exposed it will be to the elements and the type of weather that you get in your location. 304-grade steel is incredibly tough and rust resistant, making it perfect for places with a temperate and dry climate. If you live near the coast or have more extreme weather, then 316-grade steel may be the better option. 316 grade has everything that 304 grade offers, but it is also more resistant to corrosion even when the wind, rain, and sea are working hard to penetrate it. 316 grade will cost you more upfront, but it will last longer in those areas too! For areas that need your railings to have stronger corrosion resistance, the Duplex 2205 or 2507 are the right choice. If you are still not sure which to invest in, the Unity Metal team can provide you with more information to help you make your choice.


10. What Is the Difference Between 304 or 316 Stainless Steel Railings?

The main difference between 304-grade and 316-grade stainless steel is that 316-grade has a higher corrosion resistance level and has been designed to work well in areas that experience harsh weather, such as coastal locations or around swimming pools that use chlorine. Both 304 and 316-grade stainless steel are incredibly strong and durable, making them great choices for internal and external design projects. At Unity Metal, we pride ourselves on offering the very best range of designs and solutions to suit your needs – take a look at our range today and then get your new stainless steel railings ordered!


11. Who Are the Top Stainless Steel Railing Manufacturers?

There are a number of great stainless steel manufacturers all over the world but finding the top one for you depends on where you live and what you are looking for. At Unity Metal, we are proud to be a leading supplier of stainless steel railings in the United States and offer a range of options that ensure you can get hold of the railings you want. As a top American manufacturer, you can be confident that our products offer the strength and durability you are looking for as well as being made on home turf! Take a look at our products to see exactly what we can do for you!


12. Why Should I Choose a Stainless Steel Railing Cover Another Type of Railing?

There are plenty of different railings on the market to choose from, and lots of consumers query why stainless steel is held up as the best choice. Put simply, stainless steel lasts longer, is stronger and more durable as well as being more versatile when it comes to available designs. This means that your initial railing investment will last longer, and you can enjoy a railing system that looks great all year round, as well as feel confident that the possibility of corrosion is not something that will happen for many years to come. If you are interested in finding great stainless steel railings, then Unity Metal have the options you are looking for – check them out today!


13. What Are the Most Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Stainless Steel Railing Manufacturer?

There are a number of important factors that you should take into consideration when you are looking for a stainless steel manufacturer. These include:

  • The types of stainless steel options they offer – the best will give you 304 and 316-grade stainless steel and Duplex 2205 and 2507 choices to help you get the product that suits your environment.
  • The amount of experience in the industry – at Unity Metal, our years of experience mean that we can offer bespoke solutions to suit all requirements.
  • The pricing structure on offer – budget is an important factor when choosing a stainless steel railing manufacturer, and it is wise to check what the prices include so that you get the best possible deal.
  • The time from order to delivery – finally, it is important to check how long it takes to receive the railings you have ordered from the time you order. Getting your railings delivered in good time will help you to complete your project on time and on budget.