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Glass Railing Systems

Glass railing systems have increased in popularity over the past decade and at Unity Metal we have been manufacturing and supplying these railing systems since the very beginning. Our expert knowledge of the industry and the design and manufacturing process means that we are best placed to provide the right glass railing system for your needs.


We pride ourselves on the quality of the products we manufacture so when you choose to buy from Unity Metal you can be confident that you will receive a high-quality, safe and durable railing system. We only use the best quality tempered glass to ensure that there is no risk of the glass shattering and if your railing system includes stainless steel posts, frames or fittings, we will use the best grade of stainless steel to suit the needs of your glass railing system.


Glass railing systems are both stylish and versatile. They are commonly used outdoors for balconies where other railing systems would obstruct the view and make the balcony less enjoyable. This isn’t there only purpose though as homeowners or commercial premises with swimming pools will often choose glass railing systems for safety without compromising on style.


Whilst outdoor glass railing systems are the norm, interior design is embracing these railing systems as well. Entertainment venues, office areas and commercial buildings that want to give a professional feel find glass railing systems perfect. Even homeowners who have a modern property are using glass railings for staircases more frequently.


The glass railing systems we produce at Unity Metal are easy to maintain as they do not require a lot of cleaning or treating to keep them in great condition. We also have a range of options available to tailor the glass railing system to the customer. This includes different coloured glass, different finishes on the glass and a wide variety of stainless steel posts, handrails and fittings to create a unique railing system.

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What we offer

Frameless Glass Railing Systems

One of the main benefits of glass railing systems is that they do not obstruct the view. This makes them perfect for balconies, but many people find that the posts and handrails obstruct the view. That is why frameless glass railing systems are a popular choice as the lack of frame ensures maximum viewing and minimal obstruction.

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Glass Railing Post System

The glass railing post system is one of the most popular options that we have available at Unity Metal. The stainless steel posts provide a secure connection between the glass panels and with a range of different posts available, each glass railing post system can be tailored to the customer. The glass clamps that we use ensure no drilling is needed into the glass.

Exterior Glass Railing Systems

At Unity Metal we design, manufacture and supply glass railing systems that are perfect for the outdoors. The tempered glass that we use is strong and can withstand even the harshest of weather conditions. This is combined with high grade stainless steel that will withstand the elements and not corrode even in marine environments.

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Architectural Railing Systems

Glass and stainless steel railing systems can be incorporated into any architectural design. The range of products that we have available at Unity Metal means that we can supply a railing system to suit any building design that will complement and add style. If we don’t have the exact size or shape that you require, we are able to customise any of our products to ensure they are perfect for the railing system you need.