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10 Beautiful Glass Railing Design Ideas for Your Home

Glass railing


Glass railings offer a stylish and modern alternative to traditional railing systems that you might find in the home. At Unity Metal we offer a wide range of glass railing systems that can be introduced into your home to provide safety and security in an aesthetically pleasing way.

If you are looking to install a glass railing system for the first time, or you are replacing a railing system that is already fitted, we will have a railing system that will give your home a modern feel. These railing systems can be installed quickly and have the potential to change the look and feel of your home, adding a bit of modern luxury as well as safety. If you need some inspiration about how a glass railing system could look in your home or outdoor area, see the designs below.

Benefits of Glass Railings

All of the glass railing systems that we manufacture are made using high-quality tempered glass that is resistant to shattering and becoming discolored. The glass is crystal clear so that any indoor railing system doesn’t make your home feel dark or small, and outdoor areas allow you to see the view.

The stainless steel that we use for the posts, handrails, and fittings is high grade and provides corrosion resistance that can withstand even the most extremes of weather and temperatures. This makes our railings systems perfect for your home, whether you want to install them indoors or outdoors.

The variety of products we have available ensures that most tastes and requirements are catered for. For anything else, we can provide customized railing systems to allow you to have the exact glass railing system that you want.

Floating Staircase with Glass Railings

A floating glass staircase combined with a glass railing system is certain to give any home a feeling of luxury and elegance. The glass panels used in these railing systems are tempered to ensure safety and durability, and all of the sittings used high-grade stainless steel. The connectors and clamps are used to secure the staircase and glass railings without impacting the modern look and feel of the environment. The railing system requires minimal maintenance but will make a striking impact within any home

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Floating Staircase with Glass Railings 1

Minimalist Glass Railings for Modern Homes

If you would like a railing system for your home without it impacting the environment then a minimalist glass railing system is a perfect choice. For small indoor spaces, having railings can impact the light and make the space feel smaller. Having a minimalist glass railing system means that the light is not impacted. In fact, the tempered glass we use at Unity Metal ensures the natural light is used to its full advantage so your home feels spacious. Our minimalist glass railings use stainless steel mini-posts that are manufactured using high-grade materials. The mini-posts are designed so that they provide a secure fitting but do not impose on the railing system.

Minimalist Glass Railings for Modern Homes

Glass Railings with Wood Accents

For a sleek and modern feeling within your home, we recommend glass railings with a wood accent. The tempered glass panels are strong and secure, providing safety to your staircase. This type of glass railing system gives a nautical-type feel to the decor with the wooden stairs combined with the modern glass panels and high-grade stainless steel posts, handrails, and fittings. A railing system such as this within your home will provide a focal point and won’t take a lot of maintenance. The tempered glass and stainless steel are simple to maintain and won’t need replacing for about ten years.

Glass Railings with Wood Accents

Frameless Glass Railings for a Sleek Look

If you want a sleek look for your balcony or decking that doesn’t impact your enjoyment of the view, a frameless glass railing system will be perfect. The frameless glass railings provide an uninterrupted view without compromising on safety. The tempered glass that we use at Unity Metal is resistant to shattering and allows for a crystal-clear view. These railings systems use high-grade stainless steel mount posts that enable the frameless railings to attach securely to a desk or balcony. The clamp fittings are precisely manufactured so that the railings are secure without the need for full posts or frames.

Frameless Glass Railings

Glass Railings with Metal Frames

At Unity Metal we manufacture and supply a range of glass railing systems that come with metal frames. These can give your home a modern and stylish feel whether you choose to install them for an indoor staircase or in your outdoor area. We couple the high-quality tempered glass with metal frames of your choice to allow for a railing system that is tailored to your home and your unique style. All of the metal frames are manufactured using high-grade stainless steel and come in a range of finishes including mirror, polished, matt, and brushed. They can also be supplied in different colors and shapes.

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Glass Railings with Metal Frames

Glass Railings with LED Lights

Whether you are looking to install a glass railing system for the first time or you want to replace an existing railing system, you should definitely consider our glass railings with LED lights. The LED lights are manufactured to sit under the glass panels of the railing system, which results in a luxurious and decadent look. The translucent properties of the tempered glass mean that the light from the LEDs travels through the glass panels and provides a relaxing glow in a range of different colors you can choose from. As with all of our glass railing systems, the posts, handrails, and fittings are manufactured from high-grade stainless steel to finish the quality look of the railings.

Glass Railings with LED Lights

Glass Railings for Outdoor Decks

Outdoor decking areas and balconies deserve to be enjoyed to their fullest and this can be achieved easily with glass railing systems. At Unity Metal we manufacture crystal clear tempered glass panels so you can enjoy unobstructed views from your home. Our outdoor railing systems are resistant to adverse weather conditions as the stainless steel we use can be matched to the environment you live in. Higher-grade stainless steel will ensure your railings are corrosion-resistant even if you live by the coast. Choose from a wide range of top rails to complete your outdoor area in the style that you want.

Glass Railings for Outdoor Decks

Glass Railings with Patterned Glass

Glass railing systems have grown in popularity within homes because they add a touch of modern style. If you want your glass railings to be unique then at Unity Metal we can provide patterned glass panels to suit your taste. Our patterned glass panels are made with the same tempered glass as our clear panels, meaning that they are just as shatter-resistant and sturdy. The patterned glass panels can be combined with high-grade stainless steel with a finish of your choosing to ensure your railing system is unique to your home and your individual style.

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Glass Railings with Colored Glass

Crystal clear glass panels are great, but they don’t suit everyone’s style. At Unity Metal we manufacture tempered glass panels in a range of colors to match your home environment. The colored glass panels that we supply can be translucent or you can add a pattern to them, allowing you to design exactly how you want your railing system to look. Once you know what color you would like, just add in the stainless steel top rail, handrail, or posts that you like, or you can opt for a frameless glass railing system if you don’t want to draw attention away from the glass.

Railings with colored glass

Glass Railings with Stone Accents

At Unity Metal, many of our glass railing systems are designed to be minimalistic and not impact too greatly on their surroundings. However, there are environments where you might want a more grand and dramatic railing system. A great example of this is the glass railings with stone accents system that provides tempered glass panels to sit firmly between stone pillars. The stainless steel posts and fittings that we use are resistant to corrosion and provide a beautiful contrast to the stone accents. The combination of glass, stainless steel, and stone creates a dramatic railing system that looks great on decking and balconies.

Glass Railings with Stone Accents

Choosing the Right Glass Railing Design for Your Home

There is so much variety when it comes to glass railing systems and at Unity Metal we are proud to offer high-quality railing systems for your home. The designs that we have explored above are available to purchase and can be tailored to your environment whether it be indoors or outdoors. Our expert technicians can ensure the railing system you choose will suit the environment and will fit perfectly so that installation is simple.

If you would like to find out more about any of the glass railing designs above, or you would like to talk to our team about your own requirements, get in touch today and we will help you to get the perfect railing system for your home.

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