Glass railings are a modern and sleek alternative to traditional railings, and often used in both indoor and outdoor settings across residential and commercial properties. They are made from high-quality and durable glass panels that are held in place by a metal frame, producing pleasing aesthetics that look good in a range of different properties. Glass railings are a common feature in many designs and are growing in demand every day as more people look to create a stylish feature in their workplace or home.

You will commonly find glass railings in residential properties that include homes, condos and apartments, providing balcony solutions, staircases, pool guards and decks. They are also widely used in commercial properties such as malls, office buildings, hotels and transport hubs, being used to create a professional appearance whilst offering safety, security and helping to raise property value.

At Unity Metal, we offer a range of glass railing solutions for both residential and commercial clients, taking pride in the quality and affordability of each product. If you are thinking about getting glass railings for your property, read on to find out more about the benefits you can look forward to enjoying.

Benefits of Glass Railings for Residential Properties

Glass railings are a popular choice for residential properties and come with many benefits. If you are keen to consider glad railings for your residential property, take a look at all the benefits you will get when you invest:

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Benefits of Glass Railings for Commercial Properties

It’s not just residential buildings that can benefit from glass railings – they are also a great choice for commercial properties too. If you are a commercial property owner and are considering glass railings, the following benefits will help you decide if they are the right choice for you or not:

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Are Glass Railings Right for Your Property?

While glass railings are a fantastic choice, they may not be suitable for everyone’s needs. Before you make your purchase, stop to think about the style of your property and what look you are trying to create.

Glass railings are ideal for modern and sleek solutions as opposed to a tradition or rustic look. In addition, the location of your property is another important deciding factor as if you are in an area with a beautiful landscape, a glass railing solution can help to showcase it and open up your property. However, if you want a more private solution or don’t have views that are attractive then glass may not be the best choice.

If glass railings sound right for you then choosing Unity Metal as your provider is a logical step. We are leaders in the glass and metal railing industry and offer plenty of different glass railing systems for you to choose from, including products that are frameless, semi-frameless and metal framed. Each of our products are manufactured using the latest technology and superior materials, plus we offer a range of customized solutions so that you can get what you need.

Simply get in touch with our team to find out more about our products, finishes and coatings! When you choose Unity Metal as the provider of your glass railings, you can be confident you will get a product that is high-quality and tailored to your needs.

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