Unity Metal is pleased to announce the launch of its new B2B website www.fsunitymetal.com on September 1, 2022. To help Unity Metal grow the business more quickly. The new website will promote the stainless steel handrail system product. Unity Metal already launched its flagship product this April.

Unity Metal launches a new B2B website to promote stainless steel handrail accessories products.
“Unity Metal is committed to providing customers with high-quality and safe stainless steel and glass handrail systems. There is no mediator, and direct access to end customers from the factory enables customers to buy high-quality handrails at very affordable prices. Provide an infinite sense of space to our customer,” said Christy Mo, Director of Global Marketing at Unity Metal. Unity Metal released the latest frameless glass handrail. It is assembled with safe tempered glass, U-groove tube, or stainless steel accessories such as glass spigots and standoff. Use the glass-enclosed space to enjoy the outdoors.

Unlike Unity Metal’s traditional single product, the new stainless steel handrail system website mainly provides a complete stainless steel glass handrail system. Customers do not need to purchase separately, mainly for customers engaged in stainless steel construction projects or inventory. It is a new target customer group for Unity Metal, different from the previous user portraits and purchasing behaviors. The launch of this website is to attract more customers. By interacting with customers and improving customer activity, the more users know about Unity Metal’s corporate culture, the fewer users have doubts, and the more trust they have in the company and its products.

“Through the launch of the new website, we need to continuously deepen and consolidate the emotional connection with customers, communicate more with customers, listen to their voices, and tap their needs, to provide products and services that satisfy customers,” Christy added road.

The new website will serve customers with new visual effects. In the future, Unity Metal will support the development of enterprises with more diversified channels and improve the entire stainless steel glass handrail system. So that customers can freely choose and match their own stainless steel glass handrail system according to their understanding of beauty.

To learn more about Unity Metal stainless steel handrail systems and related products, visit the new website https://fsunitymetal.com.

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